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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I advertise on Spill the Deal?

A: From the menu area, click “add a listing” and follow along by filling out the required membership information, then decide if you want to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual membership fee

Q: Are you local or national?

A: We are both. In other words, people searching for deals in your area, moving to your area, or if your business is able to sell nationally will benefit!

Q: How can you afford to keep the advertising costs so low?

A: We do not believe that advertising has to be expensive! Therefore, we have set our membership fees so that any size business, with any budget can afford to be here!

Q: How will potential customers find me?

A: We are all about SEO as well as utilizing effective search words, once someone discovers this site. Not to mention, we do a lot of promoting on our own through our own podcast!

Q: How can I and my business be featured as a guest on your podcast?

A: We select businesses based on what our listeners will find appealing. Also, based on what our listeners are requesting!

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